Thursday, 27 October 2011

Black Redstart at Minsmere

Truth is i have not knowingly seen a Black Redstart so this was a very nice end of day surprise.
Minsmere can be a lovely place to visit even with the busy crowds that the weekend brings however there are always lots of interesting friendly people to meet while there.
Sometimes the birds are just a bonus.

Minsmere 23rd Oct 2011

Spent the day at Minsmere with my Girlfriend Judith and bumped into a couple of friends, Ian Clarke and Jon Evans who told us that the Spotted Redshank was showing around the Konic fields. Grabbed a couple of half decent shots using my Canon 600mm F4 IS and trying out a friends 7D.
There were also 2 Ruff which came amazingly close despite a couple of noisy people walking past, One in a nice bright red Man U football shirt. Oh the joys of Minsmere some days!!!!